Sourced, designed and printed in Vancouver, BC

Our idea for the brand arose at the end of a late night and one too many beers. Both having creative backgrounds, we thought why not make something cool together? But lets rewind;

Just under a decade ago, we spent 4 semesters sitting rows apart in a design program hardly speaking a full sentence to each other and went our separate ways.

Our paths crossed again a year later at a chopper show in the city. Realizing our common interests, we made plans to attend a gig together. Since then there’s been many late nights, good chats and even more beer.

And then we lived happily ever after, with the love child that is Heavy Strut Apparel. 

There’s a growing issue with the amount of clothing waste ending up in our landfills - yet companies are still mass producing garments. To avoid contributing to the problem and to keep our footprint small, we source vintage and thrifted clothing to print our designs on. For our pieces that aren't thrifted, we print our designs onto locally made apparel that use more sustainable fabrics.

Heavy Strut Apparel was born from both our love for heavy metal/psychedelic art and our frustration of being women in predominantly male industries. From moshpits, to motorcycle events, to skateparks and dive bars, it’s still more common to see women standing on the sidelines. We’d love to see more diversity in these spaces.

Our brand is for anyone that walks (metaphorically or physically) with a Heavy Strut.

Jess + Molly


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